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Being A Mother 101

Calling out all beginner mommies, before getting down to the real deal, we hereby congratulate you upon the success of your labour! We are glad you were fine and so was your child, we truly understand the challenges you were to overcome amidst that very process and believe it or not, the power you held onto was immense! Suppose you are fretting over your capability to be an adequately amazing mother, here are some steps you may take as reference down the road. Nobody is born ready to become a mother and it is all about consistent practice and experience. Prior to that, you may want to get yourself some new mother nursing products to ease you along the way. 

Postpartum Depression

Experiencing postpartum depression is more commonplace than you perceive; however, not all mothers suffer from it as it varies across individuals. Presuming you face extreme mood swings where you were all bubbly and then, feeling under the weather in a blink of an eye, you may be suffering from this very mental health issue. Fret not because it is temporary, and you may want to talk to your husband or family regarding it, or professionally, you may want to consult a psychiatrist who knows best how to overcome this matter. Though being a commonplace problem amongst certain mothers, bear in mind that you must not release your feelings on your newborn because they are completely innocent; in case of frustration, resort to communicating with people who understand you best or carry out some leisure activities to eliminate it. 

Get Plenty Of Rest And Eat Nutritious Foods

Just in case you have not noticed it, the amount of energy and nutrients you have lost amidst pregnancy was tremendous. Now that you have the opportunity to set aside your career, make full use of it and rest as much as possible. Remember to also consume healthy foods along the way to maintain physical well being because your body deserves all the attention now after putting in so much effort for a course of 9 months. Stay away from fizzy beverages and junk food, but if you are craving for it, consume it at the least amount possible. 

Bond With Your Newborn

Believe it or not, your newborn requires your attention more than anybody else. Since they have just been introduced to the world, they need guidance and heads-up about what this universe is all about. You may think they do not understand a single word you say, trust me, they do. They are equipped with cognitive abilities to decipher our emotions and facial expressions despite not knowing any language. Take the time and talk to them, tell them a story and sing them a lullaby; chances are that they are jumping inside knowing their mother is spending time with them.

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