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Benefits And Downsides Of Installing Metal Roofs

There are many types of roofs and all those different types have different advantages and disadvantages. For instance, ceramic shingles that are usually used for residential roofs are easy to install however they can easily damage. The same goes for every type of roof material or type. No matter what roof you choose for your building, there will always be ups and downs and you just have to be prepared for that. A lot of factories use metal roofs. Factories need roofs that are sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather and protect the equipment and people inside. So let’s find out more about the benefits and downsides of installing metal roofs:

Lasts Long

Yes, it is proven that metal roofs last longer than a lot of other roof materials. This is because metal is a material that naturally lasts long, especially when it is properly installed by skilled metal roofers. Most metal roofs, when installed properly, can last an average of twenty to fifty years at a time. Some even say that they can last for half a century. 


Along with lasting long, metal roofs are a bit pricier to get installed. This is because you would have to pay for skilled and experienced service for proper installation. Without proper installation, it can lead to being easily damaged. Plus, if you don’t plan on staying in that building for long, then it’s useless to invest in metal roofs for longevity. 


The reason why metal roofs last so long is that they are very durable. When properly installed, they can withstand harsh weathers, they don’t break easily and they rarely need maintenance. Withstanding strong winds and heavy rain is one of the reasons metal roofs last so long. Although they do not need maintenance as often as other roofs, do make sure you get them inspected every once in a while just to be sure. 


Even though metal roofs can withstand harsh weather, they can get pretty noisy. Since we’re talking about metal, even if you drop a little pebble on it, it would not break but it will make a loud, “PANG”. Thus, imagine what it’d sound like during a storm or even worse, hail. You would not even be able to hear another person speaking. However, you could always add extra padding or attic insulation to slightly make it better.

Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofs are expensive and noisy but you would be helping the environment a lot by opting for metal roofs. This is because the metal that is used to produce metal roofs are made up of recycled items. 60 per cent of the materials used to make metal roofs are recycled and are recyclable at the end of their life.

Difficult To Fix In The Future

It isn’t difficult to fix or maintain metal roofs, however, it’s hard to get a colour match for your roof for repairs or replacements. Since 60 per cent of the materials used to make metals roofs are recycled, the colours will be different for each different batch. So, if your roof needed maintenance, it is most likely going to be a different colour. If you don’t mind that, then, by all means, contact roof repair Malaysia.

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