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Advantages of living in Puchong

 Puchong is located beside the Kelana Jaya and known as one of Petaling Districts. A lot of people know how packed it is with people, how hard it is to find parking spaces and if you ever get stuck in their heavy traffic in Puchong, it could get worse. In certain zones in Puchong, it can get like that. Regardless, Puchong is also quite big, and I have been to some of the places which have less heavy traffic and a good environment to start your life if you are looking for a new property to buy. In this article, we are going to talk about the advantages of living in Puchong. For those who are finding a place, this can be one of the places to consider. 

   The first advantage of living in Puchong is its location. Puchong is close to Kajang, Bangi, Federal Territory of Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur, and Shah Alam. Which makes it a good location to stay if you are working in those areas. The journey to move around and driving to work would not be a hassle compared to living in other places. For example, Taman Tun Dr Ismail is known to have a lot of best and good cafes and restaurants, you can move there in 40 minutes as Taman Tun Dr Ismail is located just beside Bandar Damansara. Puchong is also very near to IOI Mall Putrajaya as well, if you are looking for a big mall that has everything to go shopping, honestly Puchong is the location for you.

   The following advantage of living in Puchong is the surrounding of its environment. There are a few places in Puchong that have a nice and well-managed neighbourhood such as D’Alpinia. You can expect to have a lot of Chinese people as your neighbours, as Puchong is known to have a lot of Chinese, but the Chinese people are friendly and helpful for the neighbourhood community. There are also good apartments and condominiums that you can find in Puchong with affordable and reasonable price surrounded by a friendly community and safe environment. If you are interested, there are Puchong condo for rent as well, if you are looking for a temporary place while looking for a permanent one.

   Finally, the last advantage of living in Puchong is their building constructions. They have very strong building construction for tenants to stay for a long time without some damages have to be fixed. Certain places, their property agents would sometimes lie about giving maintenance and making sure the buildings are safe for the tenants. Sometimes the tenants had to pay for it to make sure they are safe and can use the facilities well enough. But in Puchong, the property agents can be trusted.

   To conclude, these are some of advantages of living in Puchong. Regardless of the heavy traffics and lot of people, Puchong has a good and safe environment for you and your family. I am sure you will also get a good experience from it. Thus, I wish the best for you and your choices. 

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