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Baby Care Products That You Need For Your Newborn

Shopping for all those cute and small items like small shoes and precious onesies is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for your baby’s birth. Not only that though, because you also need to prepare many baby care products that are very essential for the babies. Babies are such delicate beings because newborn babies will need some time to strengthen their immunity. Due to that, it is very essential that you use baby care products that can help you take care of and protect your baby well. Being new parents, we are sure that you will be very excited by adding as many baby products as you could to your shopping cart at Malaysia’s best online baby store. However, the moment you take a whiff of your newborn’s scent, you will remove all those products that have fragrance in them. There are a few baby care products that you will have to purchase for your baby’s health and style. We have made it simple for you by giving you a list of essential baby care products that you need for your newborn that will make life easier for both you and your baby.

Malaysia’s best online baby store


Diapers are the most important baby care products that you need to get for your baby. Diapers are usually disposable so you just need to remove the diaper once your baby has pooped and then change them up into a new diaper. 

Baby Bathtub

Babies are small so you need to get a baby bathtub that helps you bath your baby with no worries of them accidentally falling off. You just need to fill up the bathtub with baby-safe bath soap to wash up your baby. Baby bathtubs are portable so you can just fill them with water and set them on the changing room in your nursery to help you clean your baby. Besides that, if you are going on a holiday along with your baby, you can even bring the portable bathtub with you, which makes it easier for you to clean up the baby in the hotel bathroom. 

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are very important for new parents. Since newborn babies are very delicate, it is advisable to use wet wipes when cleaning up your baby. You can use wet wipes to clean up any spilt food on the baby’s clothes or you can even use them to clean up their bottoms when changing their diapers. Wet wipes are very useful because you can bring them anywhere with you. For example, in case you need to change your baby’s diapers when you are on the road, you could use wet wipes to clean them easily while in the car.

Baby Lotion/ Baby Oil

To ensure your baby does not develop any eczema, it is recommended mothers should use either baby lotion or baby oil to keep their skin moisturised. This will make your baby feel comfortable and not develop any itching or rashes on their skin. 

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