Time fibre home broadband Malaysia

Finer Aspects of The Time Fibre Home Broadband Malaysia

The Cloud alone cannot prosper, since it is totally dependent on another technological factor: Internet access. And in fact, the cloud is not a very new technology. Bill Gates, for example, talked about it more than ten years ago, but at that time, Internet accesses were not prepared to meet the requirements of the cloud. However, there are currently a wide variety of access technologies, led by the Fiber, which offer the possibility of having a broadband connection to the network practically in the entire Malaysia. Thus, the rise of cloud services has made Internet access a basic service for any company, such as electricity or water. With the Time fibre home broadband Malaysia Best connectivity is assured now.

Time fibre home broadband Malaysia

The Right Internet

But, is it enough to hire any Internet connection to be able to enjoy cloud services? Unfortunately, no. Cloud services require a minimum bandwidth and speed to function properly, and this is where the importance of having a good professional and trustworthy communications service provider comes in, capable of managing the traffic of the different applications and guarantees the quality of service. 

  • Imagine, for example, a company that has implemented a remote desktop service for its users, the impact that the loss of Internet connection would have on their activity. Users simply would not be able to access their applications or their data, which is the same as if the company had been left without electricity to power its computers. Therefore, When we talk about the use of cloud services in companies, Internet access becomes a critical element that must be managed as such, so the company must adequately assess the hiring of such services, especially those offered by operators to residential users, who lack adequate benefits for businesses.
  • Time Internet is specially designed to guarantee the services that depend on the Internet in companies and that includes a wide variety of technologies (xDSL, Fiber, Symmetric and Ethernet), as well as guaranteed bandwidths in order to adapt to the voice and data communication needs of the company. 

The Right Internet Service

Time Internet is a managed Internet service, which allows combining multiple accesses and performing intelligent traffic management in order to guarantee the security and reliability of Internet access. A good example is found in the virtual switchboard service while maintaining the necessary bandwidth for data. On the other hand, it also prioritizes internal traffic over external traffic, allowing maximum network performance and guaranteeing the highest quality of the rest of the cloud services used by the user.

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