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How To Clean Your House Effectively 

Make It A Whole Family Activity 

On the weekend, ask everyone to clean the house as well. Give them assigned tasks that are suitable for them. If you are a parent, you might find it hard to discipline them. In this case, you could use the reward and punishment system. For instance, if they finish cleaning and doing their part, we could have a pizza dinner night while watching the new film together. Or even, since it is the weekend, your teenage kids might want to game and hangout with their friends. For this, you could tell them nicely, “Please clean your room first and then help me water the plants outside, if you do this, I won’t bother you while you are gaming with your friends.” Remember, nagging is not the all-time solution for all the problems. 

Assigned The Task On Regular Basic 

This is the practice that my family has practiced all these years. What this would do is they know what they should do every single day. If you have three children, assign some chores to them accordingly. For example, the eldest get to sweep the floor, hang the clothes and plant the water while the second child helps to mop the floor, throw rubbish away and clean the cat litter box. See, this will make the daily tasks easier and you have a beautiful tidy house. 

Utilize Good Disinfectant 

There are lots of good disinfectants out there for you to try. Cleaning the bathroom the old-fashioned way is tiring. Besides that, slippery soapy floors can be dangerous to you. So what you can do is to spray some cleaning disinfectant and leave it for a while. You can spray detergent on the bathroom walls, toilet bowls and sinks. Then, leave it for 10 minutes before you want to shower. After 10 minutes, enter the bathroom and clean it while you want to shower. Scrubbing is even easier. 

Mops? Two Mops? Yes yes! 

I highly recommend you to use two different mops – one for the living room, bedroom and the rest of your house, while another one is specifically for the kitchen. Seriously, this makes sense doesn’t it? Look, your kitchen is dirty. That’s the place where the oil, wet food and residues are. Of course you don’t want the floor mop you use in the kitchen to be used in other parts of your house again right?  This will lead to the unpleasant odors and more greasy feelings in your house. 

Use a mixture of floor cleaner and water. Pick lavender, apple or even lemon scented for the fresh smell all over the house. Then, mop again but only using water for the second round of mopping. You could definitely feel the difference. 

Clean The House That You Want To Sell Tips:

Concentrate on the rooms that prospective buyers are most interested in: the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. Examine each room as if you were a potential customer, and see what catches your eye first. That should be the starting point for the cleaning process. Then, for each room, clean from top to bottom, left to right. This ensures that no surface is overlooked. Pay special attention to the bathroom and kitchen. Examine the labels of cleaning products and ensure that they are suitable for the surfaces to be cleaned. Abrasive cleansers provide extra cleaning power for difficult-to-remove things in sinks, such as food particles and grease residue. Of course if this is the auction house that the bank sell, bank would not have to think about cleaning it. 

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