Jom apply unifi 800 mbps
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Is There Such a Thing as Fast Internet?

Jom apply unifi 800 mbps

Fast internet, just simply means a faster connection that you intend on getting on your devices. Why the word faster?  Well, to be honest with you all, no one is going to like it when your phone, computer or even laptop starts to buffer while you stream on the internet. This is why whenever we get any kind of internet package or deals, we tend to go for the highest Mbps in order to prevent any kind of buffering from happening. The myth behind this theory is that, the higher the Mbps is for your internet, then there’s no way that your device is going to buffer.

But is it true? Well , in some ways, yes. But it is not going to be a guarantee that you would have a smooth connection throughout the day.  So with this being said, this is where the topic gets broken into two categories, depending on the internet being powered by all of us. 

First cable connection, as we all know cable connection always revolves around our local network. With that being said, imagine how many people’s internet cable is wired to those local networks. So, with that being mentioned, imagine how you have started to reach the point where your local network performance is actually the root of the cause of you getting a slower connection to your household or either preventing you from using your full 200 mbps internet connection in whole. 

What does this cost you? Well, obviously money. Getting a higher mbps internet package isn’t cheap, because the package that you have subscribed to has a larger and stronger internet connection to provide, yet it has been disrupted from giving it’s full potential to your household due to the local network cable’s connection.

Secondly, if you are someone who is not using a cable connection but is tied to a fibre deal, then theoretically you are safe. But still, no matter how big you your Mbps is, if you are someone who is going to stream onto things that will take up or even consume up to about 30% of your data, then we are talking about the videos, sites that you are streaming that needs a larger internet capacity to make it run , but there are times your package doesn’t support that. Remember, whenever we install any internet connection in our house, office or where we are, the internet itself comes with a specific capacity of Mbps.

 For example, if the plan that you subscribed to has offered you 300 mbps, then theoretically you would try to use between those limits to avoid additional payment in your monthly payments. If you know for instance that the site that you are going to stream will consume more GB’s or bytes, then it’s better not to stream those sites. For example, if the site that you are about to stream requires about 100 Mbps then for it to stream and stream out, it would take another 100 Mbps, and at the end of the day, you are left with 100 Mbps, due to the streaming.

However, with this matter being discussed, if you are someone who is looking for a higher Mbps in an affordable price rate, then try to check out jom apply unif 800 mbps, right now.

Jom apply unifi 800 mbps
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