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Islamic Finance and Banking Course: Financing Modes

This Islamic banking and finance or “kursus kewangan Islam” course provide an overview of Islamic financing modes. In this course, you will be able to learn Salam, Ijarah, Istisjrar, Murabaha, and Iistisjna financing styles and their presentations, management, the risks involved, and mitigation measures.

Want a Master of Science in Islamic Banking and Finance? 

Widad International University has a fantastic online accelerated program where you can earn your Master of Science in Islamic Banking and Finance in one year. If you plan to pursue a career in finance, then this is the degree you will need to get started.

Many powerful and rich companies want to hire immigrants with master’s degrees in Islamic finance and banking globally. These companies must hold positions in banking, real estate, oil, venture capitalism, and other related industries. But these companies happen not to be going to rent you if you only have a bachelor’s degree. As these companies obtain thousands of applications from capable international applicants, their minimum education requirement use to be a master’s degree.

If you’re enjoying this article, you might want to read about the types of roofs and their uses on our website. Now, back to the topic:

There are hundreds of big-name companies with high-paying positions eagerly seeking to recruit college graduates from English-speaking countries. If you happened to be graduate of Islamic Studies with a Master degree of Science, your resume would be pretty much good-looking to these hungry employers.

Islamic studies is an important subject for you to learn if you plan to start your career in the Middle East. Sharia law (or Islamic law) governs all aspects of life in Middle Eastern countries, including financial transactions. If you want to work in finance and banking, you need to understand Sharia law and how it affects this industry.

Widad International University can offer you an online education so that you can earn your Masters in Islamic Finance and Banking via the Internet without having to attend classes in person. Instead, you can log into your student account online on the university’s website and attend class virtually. This makes it much easier for students like you to earn a master’s degree in 12 months. You can take many more courses without having to drive to class every day. This is how you will receive an accelerated education at American International Theism University.

When you bring the Widad Master of Science to a Middle Eastern company, it will be recognized for its value and accreditation. Widad International University is an accredited university, which means that employers value degrees.

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