lanolin products in Malaysia
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Lanolin Products in Malaysia

lanolin products in Malaysia

Lanolin oil is a fluid produced by the skin of sheep. It’s similar to human sebum, which is an oil released by the sebaceous glands and found mostly on the nose. Lanolin, unlike sebum, does not contain triglycerides. Lanolin is sometimes referred to as “wool fat,” although this is a misnomer because it lacks the triglycerides required to be classified as a fat. Lanolin is used to treat and protect the wool of sheep. This is why the chemical is now commonly used in human cosmetics, skin care, and hair products due to its conditioning properties.

Sheep’s wool is spun into lanolin oil, which is separated from other compounds and detritus by a centrifuge machine. The procedure is carried out after the sheep has been sheared, ensuring that the sheep are not harmed during the extraction of lanolin. One  may already be using lanolin oil-containing products without recognizing it. Lip balms, lotions, and nipple creams all contain the amber-colored material, which is well-known for its moisturizing properties.

Benefits of Lanolin Oil

Lanolin oil is an emollient, meaning it moisturizes and soothes dry or parched skin.

According to a 2017 study, lanolin can minimize water loss through the skin by 20 to 30%.

Simply put, lanolin is incredibly moisturizing and softening, which helps to improve the appearance and feel of rough, dry, or flaky skin.

Uses of Lanolin Oil

Many lanolin oil-based products also include humectants such as aloe, honey, or glycerin. Ingredients that act as humectants draw moisture from the air. Lanolin is not a humectant in and of itself. However, if the skin and hair are wet, it can trap water. Lanolin is an emollient and an occlusive moisturizers, which means it can reduce the loss of moisture from the skin.

Lanolin Oil for Wrinkles

lanolin products in Malaysia

Lanolin oil or lanolin alcohol can be included in many products marketed as “anti-aging.” This may encourage customers to believe that lanolin oil can help them battle wrinkles and fine lines.

Although there is little scientific evidence to support this, lanolin has the ability to store twice its weight in water. This can fill the skin, making fine lines and wrinkles less visible.

Lanolin Oil for Hair

Lanolin oil can be a powerful element in preventing dryness when applied to wet or moist hair because of its emollient, moisture-retaining properties. It won’t work on dry hair because there isn’t enough moisture to trap. Lanolin oil has a waxier texture than other hair oils, so rinsing it out with a cleansing shampoo or apple cider vinegar can help remove it completely.

Lanolin Oil for Dry Lips

Lanolin oil is beneficial to the lips for the same reasons that it is beneficial to dry skin and hair.

A lanolin lotion proved useful in those who were experiencing dry lips as a side effect of chemotherapy, according to a 2016 study. Lanolin, unlike other substances, can penetrate the lip barrier, delivering moisture to the top layer of the lip. It’s generally regarded as safe to use on newborns with chapped lips, but you should always consult a pediatrician first.

Lanolin Oil for Cracked Nipples

Lanolin is recommended by the Mayo Clinic to restore moisture and soothe damaged nipples in breastfeeding women. Breastfeeding mothers should opt for lanolin that is 100 percent pure and purified. When a youngster eats lanolin that hasn’t been cleansed, it can induce an allergic reaction.

lanolin products in Malaysia

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