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Interested in learning a new language? There are many apps that you can download out there that will help you to learn about sign language. It is really fun to learn about other languages. If you are interested in learning about new languages you might be interested to download the Duolingo app. It is a free app for everyone. Now you can learn anywhere and anytime also it is free so there are no more excuses to learn a new language. You also can invite your friends to join you learn the new language and at the same time can find your friends from Facebook. If you are interested you can follow Duolingo social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to know about the update. 

What was the first ever language? - BBC Science Focus Magazine

There are many benefits if you want to learn another language such as it will improve your memory and sharpen your mind. It also will help you to increase your decision making and help in performance such as in academics. If you learn another language it will help you to know more people that do not speak in your language and it will help you to make them feel comfortable. If you want to get a job you can put the language skill in your resume because it is really hard to find someone who can speak multilanguage. You also can gain more money if you can know another language for example, people will pay you to learn how to sign in sign language.

It must feel difficult to choose which language to learn but say less because we will suggest to you some language that you might be interested in learning. The first language is Chinese, for your information there are more than 1.3 billion speakers in this world but you need to know that there are many dialects such as Mandarin, Hakka, Hokkien, Wu and many more. The second one is Spanish and the third one is English. You also might want to consider learning Hindi and arabic language. Bengali and Portuguse also the best language to learn because there are about 228 million and 220 million native speakers. Japanese language is also quite fun to learn because if you want to go to Japan country one day you can speak in Japanese. check out this link to find out more about the benefits of living in Puchong.

There are many languages that you can consider to learn but it is better if you learn the language that is spoken in your country. For example, if you live in Malaysia beside Bahasa Melayu you might want to learn English, Mandarin or Hindi because that is the language that always speaks in Malaysia. Usually Malaysian people will learn English as a second language and Mandarin or Hindi as the third language. Once you succeed in learning the new language, you also want to have your own app so why not get one too. Find mobile application developers near you now, pretty sure there are many top mobile app developer malaysia that are famous mobile app developer malaysia around you

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