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Make Your Sex Life More Interesting

Even with oneself, experiencing feelings rather than pursuing the climax is the secret to excellent sex. Begin slowly. To begin, set the scene. Ascertain that you will have privacy. Tune in to the feelings by using the vibrator to target various places of the body. Purchase vibrator from Secret Cherry

Experiment with different portions of your body to see what works best.

Masters and Johnson, two well-known sexologists, devised the sensate concentration exercise for couples to help them get out of their brains and into a pleasurable sexual experience by jointly exploring all body parts, not just the genitals. It’s essentially a collection of directions for a fantastic dating night.

What Body Parts are Suitable with The Exploration: 

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This type of enjoyable exploration does not necessitate the presence of a companion. I advise people to use a vibrator to move from head to toe, vibrating or sensually touching themselves. Begin at the top and work your way down, taking in the areas beneath your arms, your top and inner thighs, your lower tummy, and the souls of your foot. Our “main erogenous” zones—genitals, lips, and nipples—have a lot of nerve endings, making them extremely sensitive, but we forget that our lovely bodies have a lot of additional regions that may provide us with sensual pleasures. You may develop your own bodily “pleasure map” that you can share with a partner once you’ve figured out what works for you.

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Remember, the brain is the most potent sex organ of them all. Here’s an excellent example from my laboratory: I just conducted a study that found that thinking about enjoyable genital stimulation (e.g., envisioning being aroused by a dildo) can activate pleasure centers in the brain. Staying present when using a vibrator allows you to focus on the feelings you’re having and root them in your mind.

With a partner, how to use the vibrator

If the thought of introducing your lover to your vibrator makes you uncomfortable, you’re not alone. But don’t despair! According to studies, couples who openly discuss their sexual life are often happier than those who are not.

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Another study found that women who used vibrators had higher self-esteem as well as increased marital satisfaction—as long as their spouses were on board. Include them in the vibrator selecting process and choose a toy that will be enjoyable for both of you.

There are Vibrators For Couples To Be Used During Sex

There are vibrators made specifically for couples that may be used during sex, or you can use your existing vibrator to kick-start desire during foreplay or apply your vibe on your clitoris during coupled sex.

The bottom line is that our desire to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones in order to experience pleasure is critical to our partners’ sexual potential.

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