Ship Preservation Solutions in Malaysia
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Stacking, Preservation, and Maintenance of Rig and Drilling Equipment.

Ship Preservation Solutions in Malaysia

Ship preservation solutions in Malaysia is a seasoned provider of high-quality drilling equipment preservation at significant cost savings.

In Malaysia, ship preservation solutions include preservation and stacking plans for both cool and warm stacked rigs to protect the honesty of your drilling gear during contract eras and transitions from stacked to complete to operate. Ship preservation solutions in Malaysia can help you find the ideal way to keep your rig and apparatus in top form while you wait for the contract as a reputable, high-quality drilling equipment specialist supplier.

When a rig is stacked, cost is crucial, therefore ship preservation solutions in Malaysia give services at significant cost savings while maintaining the highest level of quality by qualified, professional drilling equipment engineers.

Stacking services for rig and drilling equipment: ship preservation solutions in Malaysia
Measures to protect the environment
Operation and maintenance
Reactivation and recommissioning
Management of classes and stacking
Technical assistance and training

Ship Preservation Solutions, based in Malaysia, is a seasoned specialist in rig and drilling equipment overhaul, SPS, parts, and service. You can have the greatest quality and decades of experience while keeping rates reasonable and solutions flexible.

Ship Preservation Solutions in Malaysia

Results: Your rig equipment’s quality preservation, maintenance, and class/stacking maintenance are all improved.

Flexible stacking options, on-site support and training, and client satisfaction are all priorities.
When compared to equipment OEMs, there are significant cost reductions.
Maintenance savings on rig equipment:

Customers in Malaysia have benefited from ship preservation technologies that have resulted in significant cost savings. This is due to the lower cost basis, the system for suitable parts, and the cost-effective use of experienced drilling equipment operators.

Ship preservation solutions is an independent drilling equipment components provider based in Malaysia. Ship preservation solutions is not a licensee or linked with any of the listed original equipment manufacturers in Malaysia (OEM). Ship preservation solutions in Malaysia do not intend for the manufacturer’s names, equipment names, or trademarks used herein to cause confusion as to the source, sponsorship, or quality of the parts supplied by Ship preservation solutions in Malaysia. The original equipment manufacturers listed above, as well as the rest of this website, do not sponsor, promote, warranty, or encourage Ship preservation solutions in Malaysia’s parts supply.
Employees from Ship Preservation Solutions in Malaysia can assist with the implementation of the stacking plan.

Ship Preservation Solutions in Malaysia

Periodic visits can be used to validate the stacking / maintenance plan, ensuring that all equipment is maintained and operated according to the agreed-upon stacking plan. After each visit, the stacking plan log book will be updated and attached to the final report, demonstrating that the plan was established, implemented, and checked in accordance with OEM and industry standards.
Reactivation is an important component of any stacking plan, not only to guarantee that the equipment is operating properly, but also to boost efficiencies by planning ahead for the reactivation stage.

A senior surveyor from Ship Preservation Solutions in Malaysia will work with the client teams to develop and establish an appropriate strategy for the rig’s reactivation. The rig will be tested after reactivation to confirm that all systems are operational and the rig is ready to drill.

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