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What Factors Can Damage Your Liver?

The liver is the largest organ in the body and it does carry a lot of weight. An adult liver is around 1.5 kg, which is the equivalent of six half-pound cartons of milk. The liver is also a painless and emotionless organ, and does not say anything when there is a problem, except when the problem is so big that it is life-threatening.

The liver is the largest organ in the body and carries out hundreds of chemical reactions every day. The work is so strenuous that even when you are sleeping your liver is still at work. One of the more powerful functions of the liver is its regenerative energy. The liver has great regenerative power, which means that it will grow back to its original form after a portion of it has been cut out. Even so, you should not squander it recklessly, and you should take precautions to reduce the damage to your liver.

Men love to drink, especially when friends get together, drinking is more enjoyable. But at the same time, the liver is not happy. The alcohol is a carcinogenic substance that is broken down and metabolised in the liver. Alcoholic fatty liver is the liver’s warning to you. If you ignore it, the result can be liver cancer. Because of the silence of the liver, liver cancer is often detected at an advanced stage.

All medicines have side effects, it is just a matter of how big or small they are. Sometimes you have to accept these side effects in order to cure your illness. The liver is often the first to suffer from these side effects. Drugs are also metabolised in the liver and it is not surprising that they can damage the liver. And some people tend to self-medicate when they experience health problems, which in this case can be even more damaging to the liver. Health supplements are becoming more and more accepted today, but taking large amounts of supplements over a long period of time can also be a major factor in liver problems. Health supplements have no curative effect and should be chosen with care. If you need to take liver supplement Malaysia, you have to ask for consultation in advance. 

Meat is so tasty that many people are already at the point where they can’t eat without it, and they can’t eat three meals a day without it. And the taste of fried meat food can be even more tempting. Meat food has a high fat content, and a large fish and meat diet can cause an excessive intake of fat. Excess fat wrapped around the liver forms a fatty liver, the presence of which can make it difficult for the liver to breathe and various problems will gradually find their way in.

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