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What To Know About Silicone Breast Pumps

To an infant, every drop of breastmilk is a priceless gift. Following years of enhanced study and public education, an increasing number of people are realizing the significance of breastmilk, both for the unrivalled health advantages for mothers and babies and for the financial savings compared to formula feeding. With all of this understanding about how valuable every drop of breastmilk is, a mother could be afraid about wasting these precious drips if she notices a breast leak. Family and friends, as well as mother’s clubs, nursing necessities checklists, and baby product shops, may all offer advice on how to utilize the most up-to-date breastfeeding and baby supplies, such as silicone breast pump suction Malaysia. However, the information offered on the usage of various products isn’t always the most useful. This leads us to the recently infamous silicone manual breast pumps.

What is a manual silicone breast pump?

These pumps are categorized as non-electric breast pumps, along with other manual pumps. They are designed with a full silicone one-piece body. There are currently other brands with a comparable design on the market. The silicone manual breast pump has a design that is quite close to one of the earliest breast pumps created and used! These pumps are simple to use, clean, and store, making them useful for a wide range of moms in a variety of scenarios. This pump is frequently used to collect milk that would otherwise be lost in the nursing pad. This tool uses suction to encourage milk production and remove it. There are several items on the market that are designed to collect breastmilk from a letdown reflex, but this is not one of them.

silicone breast pump suction Malaysia

When is it appropriate to use a silicone manual breast pump?

  • Before attaching a baby onto an extremely full or engorged breast, soften it.
  • To relieve engorgement by removing milk “to comfort” after or between nursing sessions.
  • When you’re separated from your infant and/or can’t use an electric breast pump, you can utilize this method to extract milk.  It’s crucial to understand that, while milk is being eliminated, breast emptying is not always efficient. If one is accessible, a baby or electric breast pump should be used initially.
  • To extract milk from a breast from which a baby has previously been fed in order to save milk.
  • To assist a baby to control milk flow better by removing milk from a mother’s breast who has a full breast and a strong letdown reflex.

When to avoid using a silicone manual breast pump.

  • Silicone manual breast pumps are frequently used before the infant has had a chance to take in enough milk. This milk is “feeding the freezer” rather than the baby on a regular basis. This might cause the infant to desire to breastfeed much more often during the day, or even prevent the baby from obtaining an adequate amount of milk in a 24-hour period. 
  • For mothers who are dealing with an unwelcome overabundance. When a baby is successfully nursing, withdrawing extra milk from the breasts may result in an excess of milk.

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