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When renting a home, the Best Tenant Qualities to Look For

It’s like courting to find a good tenant. You conduct interviews with potential employees until you find someone who shares your values and in whom you can put your faith. You’re looking for someone who won’t break your heart by overflowing your sink, rather than long beach vacations. Aside from the hassle of having to repair damage, picking the wrong renter for your rental property could cost you a lot of money. Particularly if there is a high rate of tenant turnover, which costs $1,750 per month on average.

A renter who refuses to pay rent or engages in criminal behaviour may be evicted in extreme cases. This behaviour jeopardises not only your safety, the safety of your neighbours, and the value of your investment, but also your health and financial well-being. Nobody like paying for an attorney or filing fees, as well as wasting time in court or losing money due to tenant turnover or vacancies. So, how can you locate good tenants in Selayang or anywhere else in Malaysia who won’t cause you any problems?


Income and employment stability

To feel secure in their tenant’s capacity to pay rent in whole and on time each month, many landlords require proof of consistent income and employment. A tenant’s monthly income should be three times the cost of rent, according to industry norms, albeit this varies by state.

For example, rent in some states is typically lower than in urban areas, so the “3x rule” may apply differently based on the fair market rent in your area. You must always request an income estimate on your rental application (see your local legislation or legal guidance to determine what you may request), but the figures offered are not always accurate. You can use tools like Income Insights to analyse the following in addition to thoroughly analysing each applicant’s income:

  • How much does your tenant pay towards their debts?
  • Their financial obligations and how much money they spend

Respectful attitude

Selecting tenants who are respectful to the landlord and their neighbours is critical. A respectful renter will keep you aware of maintenance issues and will carry out their own responsibilities while living in your rental home. Respectful tenants are more likely to do the following:

  • It is necessary to pay rent on time.
  • Follow the lease’s guidelines.
  • Tensions between you and your neighbours or other renters should not rise.
  • Avoid causing damage to your stuff that isn’t due to normal wear and tear.

It’s important to remember, though, that respect is a two-way street. To show your renters the same respect, provide a move-in letter, swiftly react to tenant inquiries, resolve tenant concerns, pay for repairs, and negotiate lease renewal early on. What are the benefits of having a good landlord-tenant relationship? Tenants who are happy with their leases are more likely to stay longer and have a lower turnover rate.

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