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Who Is The Nurse And What Does It Do?

The Nurse is a health professional who offers technical, relational and educational assistance. It deals with the state of health of the patient during the course of treatment, protecting him from the risks and complications of the disease. It supports the doctor in evaluating symptoms and communicates any changes in the patient’s health conditions. He is an expert in the administration of drugs and pharmacological treatments, knows the techniques to support the mobilization and transport of the non-self-sufficient patient, manages individual assistance interventions and has the necessary skills to educate the patient in the management of his own therapeutic regimen. With permohonan kolej jururawat this comes perfect.

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The Right Activities

When carrying out home care activities, he ensures that medical prescriptions are carried out with the utmost correctness even in his absence, delegating important care tasks to the patient’s family, friends and acquaintances. In the intensive care and resuscitation wards, it is the nurse’s responsibility to ensure the proper functioning of the machinery, to check that the materials used have not expired and to sterilize the instruments in the operating rooms.

  • In the assistance of technical areas such as nurses who work in operating theatres or who work in dialysis wards.
  • Specifically, a nurse can be in the room, anaesthetist, instrumentalist or sterilizer, can perform all these tasks in rotation and will come into contact with the patient at the moment before and before the operation.
  • In the assistance of the most critical wards such as the nurse in intensive care or in the emergency room; in this case, the nurse must follow the patient in every detail and establish a relationship of extreme trust with the doctors of the ward and all the members of the team. 

In the assistance in specialized areas, which include the wards of psychiatry, oncology and the wards of paediatrics; these nurses follow the patients in the moment of rehabilitation, therefore one of the most delicate moments of the post-operation. 

The Right Assistance Option

For assistance in the area of ​​belonging as a home care nurse or a nurse expert in the treatment of serious injuries: works in contact with the doctor to follow the path of therapy, rehabilitation and patient care.

In addition to the physical point of view, the nurse also takes care of the patient’s emotional aspects. He applies socio-health counselling techniques and is able to identify with the client showing empathy and sensitivity. Create a climate of trust with the patient and his family, supporting them during the healing and adaptation process of the patient, or – in the most serious cases – preparing them for the death of a loved one. In these circumstances, especially in intensive care units, the nurse receives specific training to communicate with the relatives of the patients and possibly inform them about the possibility of organ harvesting in the event of death.

In addition to the treatment, assistance and rehabilitation activities, there are also the prevention activities that the nurse carries out by informing and sensitizing the patient and the family so that they can assume correct and healthy lifestyles.


It is a profession that requires accuracy, reliability, emotional control and stress management. The nurse must know how to adapt to the needs of the work context, to emergencies and to maintain concentration even under pressure. Readiness is required in organizing delicate and urgent interventions, as can happen in the emergency wards, and a spirit of collaboration to work in groups with other professionals.

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